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Friday, January 15, 2016

Where to Row in Clearest Water in NJ?

Answer: About 20 miles east of the Pennsylvania border and 60 miles west of New York City, in Round Valley Reservoir in Lebanon, New Jersey.
Map of Round Valley
Size: 2000 acres, about 3 miles by 1.5 miles, 180 feet deep at the deepest point.
US 78 eastbound, exit 18 to NJ Rt. 22 east to right turn at Round Valley Access road, follow sign to ramp.
US 78 westbound, exit 20b to NJ Rt. 22 west to right exit to Round Valley Access road, follow sign to ramp.
Ramp: Wide concrete.
Fee: You'll need an annual "Boat Ramp Maintenance Permit" during the summer, available at Walmart for $20.
Detailed information: www.State.NJ.US/dep/parksandforests/parks/round/HTML

Early morning looking ESE from the ramp area.
Round Valley is a beautiful reservoir, with very clear water and almost always a breeze, frequently out of the NW.

NW corner looking SE
During the summer, there are a lot of SUPs and kayaks (mostly rented) in the north west corner. Once beyond that, there is little boat traffic, mostly fishermen.

Looking north at the east end of the Reservoir
Heavy fog required a compass row, at times with no shore in sight.

It's my favorite venue for day trips. Try it... you'll love it like I do.

Please comment or email me with your favorite rowing venue. If you email me ( include photos and I'll 'guest post' your favorite venue.

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