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Friday, May 27, 2016

CATCH: More Sliding Seat Systems

Earlier this week, we posted a number of alternative sliding seat/rigger systems. Here are five more.

Fyne Boat Kits in UK offers this sliding seat system:

Sliding Seat System from Fyne Boat Kits


Denman Marine in Tasmania offers this sliding seat system:

Denman Marine Sliding Seat System


RowSurfer, located in Amsterdam, offers this sliding RIGGER system (seat is stationary and oar locks slide):

RowSurfer's Sliding Rigger System


X-Cat , located in Austria, offers in interesting forward-facing, sliding seat system with automatic feathering. Shown is the rowing system (which can be purchased separately) mounted on their catamaran rower. See a video of the X-Cat in action.

X-Cat Forward Facing Sliding Seat System


OarBoard, from Victoria, offer a sliding rigger system designed for SUPs (Stand-Up-Paddle). It could be adapted to oar cruisers.

OarBoard's Sliding Rigger System


Thanks to Justin Miller and Rick Thompson for identifying these additional commercial sliding seat systems.

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