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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Row Out-Bike Back

The idea is that you bring you bike with you on your boat. Then use the bike to either get back to your car/trailer so you can retrieve the boat, or to put the boat on a bike/trailer and pedal to the next available navigable water.

Two examples:

Colin and Julie Angus

Colin and Julie rowed and biked 4350 miles (7000 k) from Scotland to Syria in two (Colin Angus designed) Expedition Rowboats. The bicycles were Montague Folding Bikes and the trailer from Tony's Trailers in Mill bay, B.C., both fit in the storage compartment in the Expedition Rowboat. Note that the compartment in the Expedition model will hold a standard road or mountain bike if the wheels and one pedal are removed.

Photos of the details: (Note that hundreds of photos of the trip are here.)

The Two Expedition Rowboats Colin and Julie Used
And Another View of the Boats
Storage of the Bike and Trailer
On the Road...

Rick Thompson

Rick built a custom John Welsford Walkabout, also described here, which he uses for his ‘row out-bike back’ trips.

Rick finds a day-trip of 20 miles is about right; 20 miles biking for 1.5 hours and rowing back, with the current, in 4-5 hours.

He likes to plan his trips on rivers that have a road or bike path alongside the river. He’s found that the Sacramento Delta (California) offers a number of ideal ‘row out-bike back’ trips.

Sacramento Delta Area

Typically, he maps the trip with a marina, waterfront restaurant, rowing club, etc. at either the start or finish so that the boat can be left secure while he bikes back to his car/trailer.

The sequence varies depending upon where he will be leaving the boat: If it’s at the start, he launches at the start and ties up – drives to the finish and parks – rides back to the start, loads the bike on the boat – and rows to the finish.  If the marina is at the finish, he launches, with the bike, and parks at the start – rows to the finish and ties up – bikes back to the start – drives to the finish for the boat..

The only modification to his Walkabout was to install a fork mount, such as this to the rear deck.

Rick's Walkabout with Bike
Another View

Tell us in the Comments below about your experience using a combination of land-based and water-based vehicles for traveling.

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