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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Michalak Oar Cruiser: Batto

Batto is a Jim Michalak design... 18' by 3' (5.5m by .9m)... plans available on Duckworks.

Jim Michalak's Batto

It is based on Pete Culler’s clipper bateau “Otter” which is lap strake rather than plywood stitch and tape as is Batto.

Wojtek Baginski from Poland built a Batto for oar cruising in Poland and Germany.

Wojtek's Batto

The modifications that Wojtek made were to add fore and aft decks, modified gunnels (as he diagramed below), added a skeg and a custom outrigger. The outrigger consists of two parts with an overlap joint in the center held together with bolt, and four bolts that hold the four ‘arms’ to the gunnel. Though not pictured, he has added Gaco oarlocks and is building a sliding seat rig.

Wojtek's Gunnel Modification on his Batto...

...the Finished Boat with Prototype Hoops for Tent Cover...

...and an Overhead Photo

Jake Millar built his Batto called “Needlefish”. It weighs 52.4 pounds (23.8 kg) and is beautifully finished. The shock cord ‘decking’ fore and aft is an interesting addition for holding oars, etc.

Jake Millar's Batto "Needlefish"

Needlefish Interior

To convert Batto to an overnight oar cruiser, I’d Add a water-tight bulkhead, with large access hatch, at each end of a 7’ (2.1m) rowing/sleeping cockpit, eliminating the designed braces. I’d build a cross-planked set of floorboards for the cockpit, such as this...

Example of Floorboards provide a dry sleeping platform and attachment points for rowing seat and foot rests… Add fore- and aft-decks, using skin-on-frame, resulting in a cockpit opening of 4’ to 5’ (1.2m to 1.5m) long. These decks would partially cover the ends of the sleeping area. Add a frame to support a ‘tent’, as Wojtek did, to provide sitting headroom and rain protection for sleeping. See the post on 'shelters' for other ideas for providing shelter. And finally, provide for a 4’ (1.2m) oar lock spread… see outriggers for options to do this in addition to what Wojtek made.

Let us know what you think!

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