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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Iain Oughtred’s “Mole”

If you want a traditional rowing boat, built in the traditional manner (plank on frame) then Mole would be a good choice.

Iain Oughtred's Mole

From "" Sept 1, 2007

Iain’s description:
“Mole is based on the traditional Thames working boats or water taxis. This a traditional rowing machine, with the capacity to carry one or at the most, two passengers. she is set up for a single rower, and the use of thole pins rather than fancy modern row locks is a feature.”
Plans Overview


  • LOA: 16’ (3.9m)
  • Beam: 44.5” (1130mm)
  • Depth: 16” (380mm)
  • Weight: 115 pounds (52kg)

See Iain Oughtred (Click "Catalog" >> Rowing Skiffs, scroll down to Mole) for plans and kit information.)

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