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Sunday, December 18, 2016

CATCH: Small Boats in Epic Voyages

Dave and Mindy Bolduc, authors and adventurers, have curated an archive of epic voyages in small boats on their "micro-cruising" web site.

The listing is in date order and includes the length and name of the boat, who rowed/sailed/paddled it, a brief description and links to books, articles, photos and/or drawings of the boat. 

For example:
In 1876, Alfred Johnson, sailing/rowing his fully decked “Centennial” became the…
First person to cross the Atlantic solo West to East. This Grand Banks fisherman sailed his gaff-rigged dory from Gloucester, New Brunswick to Albercastle, Pembrokeshire. His boat is now on display in the Cape Ann Historical Society museum in Gloucester, MA.
Alfred Johnson's Centennial Crossing the Atlantic in 1876 

Someplace between untying gift wrappings and feasting on Plum Pudding, you may want to sit back and peruse this list… bury yourself in a true adventure. 

Have a wonderful Christmas Holiday and a safe...healthy 2017!

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  2. Hi Paul... Thanks for the 'greeting' and the kind words...