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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Selway-Fisher’s Mandarin 15’ & 17’

Selway-Fisher has a large collection boat plans, including many rowing designs.  One of the designs is the Mandarin, in both a 15’ (4.6m) and 17’ (5.2m) version. The versions are virtually identical except for length and interior arrangement of seats and oar locks.

Specifications for Both the 15' and 17' Mandarin

Specifications for Both Versions of Mandarin

15' Mandarine
17' Mandarine

Owner Views

Video of a Mandarin 17 rowing.

An interesting capability of the Mandarin 15 is that she can be built in two halves, split at the center seat.

Mandarin 15' Half

Bill Martin built his 17' version using strip planking...

Bill Martin's 17' Strip Built Mandarin...

...and Interior View

Paul Kirwin's Mandarin 17 Beautifully Fitted Out (including a needlepoint cushion)

A Mandarin 17 in Light Chop

I fall in love with many of the boats I review in this blog. And I've fallen in love with this one. With the addition of fore, aft and side decks (SOF?)... floor boards... waterproof bulkheads at each end of an open center rowing cockpit, she'd make a really nice oar cruiser... with all the characteristics that I feel are necessary... low windage... light, narrow hull... sea worthiness suitable for a wide range of inland waters... room for sleeping aboard (with appropriate [temporary] shelter) and dry storage.  

And she's pretty! Is love blind?

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