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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Car-topping Your Oar Cruiser

Car-topping is an alternative to trailering your boat… appropriate for light boats, although very long heavier boats can also be car-topped.


Jim Michalak on car-topping.

Jim Michalak diagram for dinghy loading

Seth Miller's article in Duckworks.

Seth's technique for adding an attachment point in the front of a car.

Roof Racks

An Australian Source for Roof Racks  (in case you don’t have any on your car).

Example of Roof Rack for a Subaru

...and a US source for roof racks.

Example from a US supplier


Plans for a homemade side loader ... a complete set of photos and plans for a small boat loading system.

Example of plans for a slide loader

A commercial boat loader.

A commercial boat loader

Video of a homemade boat loader (ingenius!)

Screen capture of the 'tipping point' of the homemade boat loader

Let us know in Comments below of other techniques/equipment/tips for car-topping.



  2. Hi Rowerwet... great Instructable! Thanks for the link... Tom

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  4. I carried the original Joansa on a roofrack, no problem. I strapped a piece of wood between the front and rear racks along the left side of the car. Put the boat on the ground about midships to the car, at a 45 deg angle, picked the bow up and put it on that lengthwise strut, picked up the stern and pushed the boat up to nearly the balance point, pivoted it around bow forward and lifted the stern across.
    Then loaded my wifes kayak inside the boat, and tied it all down.